Windows Shortcut example for KMTronic USB One Relay



Windows command line application (for COM5)


Quick help:
usbrelay.exe -c:<COM port> -r:<RELAY>#<STATE> -b:<BROADCAST> -q
-c: Com port
-r: Relay(s), State(s)
-b: Broadcast/output on successful sent
-q Silence mode

usbrelay.exe -c:5 -r:1#1 (this will turn on relay)
usbrelay.exe -c:5 -r:1#0 (this will turn off relay)


ZIP file including:


- USBRelay.exe
- Relay_OFF and Relay_ON Shortcut files



Step by step instruction:

1. Download the drivers

2. Connect USB relay and install drivers

3. Check in Device Manager COM port where the Relay is installed (in this example it is COM Port 5)


4. Download and unzip “”
    - In this example Shortcut files are configured to works with COM Port 5
     - If your COM port is differed you must change Shortcut files


Right-click on Relay_OFF and choose Properties. Change  the COM port to yours and click OK.


This is only example Shortcut command.

You must change path to the folder where you download Usbrelay.exe
Example: C:\Downloads\usbrelay\usbrelay.exe -c:5 -r:1#1

Repeat the same procedure with Relay_ON.

Now click to Relay_ON and Relay_OFF and relay must turn ON/OFF


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