KMTronic LAN Ethernet IP 2 channels UDP Relay board




KMTronic LTD

- Each relay has an LED to indicate when it is operated.
- Relay outputs can be used to turn ON/OFF lights, motors and other devices.

Relays have Normally Open (NO) and
Normally Closed (NC) Contacts each capable of switching max:
- 12VDC/15A
- 24VDC/15A
- 125VAC/15A
- 250VAC/10A

Requires external 12 volt DC / 500mA power supply

Operation Range:
Industrial (0°C to +80°C)

105 mm / 51 mm / 20 mm (connectors mounted)

IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
UDP Port: 12345


UDP Commands:

FF0000 - Status Read command

FF0100 - Relay 1 OFF command
FF0101 - Relay 1 ON command

FF0200 - Relay 2 OFF command
FF0201 - Relay 2 ON command


FFE000 - All relays OFF command
FFE003 - All relays ON command


UDP Test Software example including source code (C#):


KMTronic UDP Test
KMTronic UDP Test Software Source







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