Vixen Lightning Software


Connect DMX adapter to PC.


If Windows ask for drivers download and install from here:


If drivers are installed correctly you must see "USB Serial Converter" in Device Manager


Download and install Vixen Lightning from


Run Vixen Lightning and in Add-Ins > click on DMX


Now you are ready to create a new sequence and add DMX controller.Click on

Sequence tab -> New event Sequence -> Vixen standart sequence



The wizzard is shown to help you. Click Next to continue.



Now we have to create a new profile for our DMX device.

Click on Profile Manager.



Enter the name of the profile


Now click on Output Plugin tab


and select Enttec Open DMX > Use and type the number of DMX channels. Click Done.


Now we have using this plugin and have to add our DMX device. In my

case I use a 13 channels Moving Head. Type number of channels that you want to

control and click Done.


Select the created profile and click next


Now if you want you can add a music to your lightning project.

Click on the Assing Audio and choose mp3 file or any other audio file from your Hard Drive.

Click OK.


The final step is to create the sequence.

Click on the Create it  tab chose the name of the sequence and you are ready.






You can find this in our eBay shop.




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