RS485 8 Channel Relay Controller


KMtronic USB RS485 8 channels relay board controller



The general purpose of RS-485 Eight Channel Relay Controller. Control devices using your PC.

Option to change the ID (from ID 01 to ID 15) manually through a DIP Switch placed near RS485 connector.

KMtronic LTD

Complete including:

One RS485 8 channels relay board


Relay specifications:
Relays have Normally Open (NO) and
Normally Closed (NC) Contacts each capable
of switching max:
- 12VDC/15A
- 24VDC/15A
- 125VAC/15A
- 250VAC/10A

Relay datasheed:

Required power 12VDC/1000mA

Operation Range:
0°C to +80°C

Communication Parameters:
8 Data, 1 Stop, No Parity
Baud rate : 9600

OFF command : FF xx 00 (HEX) or 255 xx 0 (DEC)
ON command : FF xx 01 (HEX) or 255 xx 1 (DEC)

Full list commands:

Software Examples:







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