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Raspberry Pi Examples



Raspberry PI is a small but very powerful microcontroller which allows you to do many things.
Using Raspberry PI we try to introduce not only our relay boards but also the capability of this controller.

Try it out :)  We promise you sleepless nights with lots of fun.




-----------------      INFORMATION    -----------------



How to Compiling C and C++ Programs



How to connect RaspberryPI camera


Raspberry Pi LCD 16x2 Display


Raspberry Pi How to install Web Server


Raspberry Pi Web Control Relay




-----------------      RELAY CONTROL    -----------------



Controlling USB One Relay by Raspberry Pi


Controlling USB 8 Relay board by Raspberry Pi



Controlling UART 8 Relay board by Raspberry Pi




USB RS485 8 Relay boards by Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi RS232 8 Relay Board






Raspberry Pi Joystick controlled relays


Raspberry Pi PC Remote Control



Domotica: il riscaldamento controllato via web, con Raspberry PI  (Sergio Vaccaro)






-----------------      DOOR LOCK / ACCESS CONTROL    -----------------



Raspberry Pi Door Lock - “computer based” access control


Raspberry Pi Door Lock using USB RFID Reader


Raspberry Pi Door Lock using USB keyboard







-----------------      ENERGY METERS    -----------------


Raspberry Pi ModBus Energy Meter 1


Raspberry Pi ModBus Energy Meter 2





-----------------      TEMPERATURE    -----------------



How to connect DS18B20 to RaspberryPI GPIO


Raspberry PI and KMTronic USB DS18B20






-----------------      DMX512    -----------------


Control DMX512 devices via Raspberry PI










Under Development





















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