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          RF433mhz 8 channel relay board


USB One Channel Relay

USB Relay Controller - One Channel BOX.pdf

USB Relay Controller - One Channel PCB.pdf  


USB Two Channels Relay

USB Relay Controller - Two Channel.pdf 


USB 4 Channels Relay

USB 4 Channels Relay Controller.pdf 


USB 8 Channels Relay

Eight Channel USB Relay Controller - RS232 Serial controlled - 12V   


RS232 8 Channel Relay

RS232 Serial COM controlled Eight Channel Relay Board - 12V  


2 Channel Relay

Two Relay board 5V  
Two Relay board 12V  
Two Relay board 24V  


4 Channel Relay 

Four Relay board 5V  
Four Relay board 12V  


8 Channel Relay

Eight Relay board 5V  
Eight Relay board 12V  
Eight Relay board 24V  


USB<>RS485 Adapter

USB to RS485 FTDI interface Board BOX

USB to RS485 FTDI interface Board PCB  


RS485 8 Channel Relay

RS485 8 Channel Relay Board, RS485  


RS485 Output Controller

RS485 to 8 Digitally Outputs controller  


USB EEPROM programmer

USB KEEProg E-Eprom programmer  


USB 24xxx EEPROM programmer

USB 24xxx I2C E-Eprom programmer  


USB 25xxx EEPROM programmer

USB 25xxx SPI Bus E-Eprom programmer  


RS485 Output Controller

RS232 serial 8 Digital Channel Output Modul  



USB to serial UART FTDI interface Board  


DINo Internet Ethernet Relay IO board

DINo Internet Ethernet Relay IO board  



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