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KMTronic DINo UDP to RS485 example


KMTronic DINo UDP to RS485 example







Test software

KMTronic DINo 4 Relay UDP Test



Monitoring software

(using USB<>RS485 adapter)





Source code


#include "EtherShield.h"

uint8_t mymac[6] = {0xCF,0x70,0x7C,0xE4,0x8A,0xB8};
uint8_t myip[4] = {192,168,1,25};
uint16_t MYWWWPORT = 80;

#define BUFFER_SIZE 750
static uint8_t buf[BUFFER_SIZE+1];

char reply[]="Realized";

const int RS485_control = 3;
//Set this pin to high when you want to send data from RS485//

static uint8_t udp_length;
static uint8_t udp_buffer[50];

EtherShield es=EtherShield();

uint16_t plen, dat_p;

void setup(){
  pinMode(RS485_control, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(RS485_control, HIGH); // Set pin to send data
  es.ES_init_ip_arp_udp_tcp(mymac,myip, MYWWWPORT);

} // end setup
void loop(){
    // read packet, handle ping and wait for a tcp packet:
    dat_p=es.ES_packetloop_icmp_tcp(buf,es.ES_enc28j60PacketReceive(BUFFER_SIZE, buf));
    if (buf[IP_PROTO_P]==IP_PROTO_UDP_V){
       udp_length=buf[39]-8; // calculate UDP data lenght
       for (int i = 0; i < udp_length; i++)
} // end loop





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