Friday, 13 January 2012 12:43

Vixen Lightning Software

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Connect DMX adapter to PC.


If Windows ask for drivers download and install from here:


If drivers are installed correctly you must see "USB Serial Converter" in Device Manager


Download and install Vixen Lightning from


Run Vixen Lightning and in Add-Ins > click on DMX


Now you are ready to create a new sequence and add DMX controller.Click on

Sequence tab -> New event Sequence -> Vixen standart sequence



The wizzard is shown to help you. Click Next to continue.



Now we have to create a new profile for our DMX device.

Click on Profile Manager.



Enter the name of the profile


Now click on Output Plugin tab


and select Enttec Open DMX > Use and type the number of DMX channels. Click Done.


Now we have using this plugin and have to add our DMX device. In my

case I use a 13 channels Moving Head. Type number of channels that you want to

control and click Done.


Select the created profile and click next


Now if you want you can add a music to your lightning project.

Click on the Assing Audio and choose mp3 file or any other audio file from your Hard Drive.

Click OK.


The final step is to create the sequence.

Click on the Create it  tab chose the name of the sequence and you are ready.






You can find this in our eBay shop.




Friday, 13 January 2012 12:10

VenueMagic Classic

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Connect DMX adapter to PC.


If Windows ask for drivers download and install from here:


If drivers are installed correctly you must see "USB Serial Converter" in Device Manager


Download and install Venue Magic Classic from


Run Venue Magic Classic and in Devices>Setup Devices > Supported Devices you should see

selected Entec Open DMX USB intrerface.




Close it and you are ready.





You can find this in our eBay shop.



Thursday, 12 January 2012 13:48

DMX Control

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Connect DMX adapter to PC.


If Windows ask for drivers download and install from here:


If drivers are installed correctly you must see "USB Serial Converter" in Device Manager


Download and install DMX Control from


Run DMX Control and in Settings>Output plugins... choose "Enttec DMX USB"




Close it and you are ready.



You can find this in our eBay shop.






Thursday, 12 January 2012 13:13

Q Light Controller DMX

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Connect DMX adapter to PC.


If Windows ask for drivers download and install from here:


If drivers are installed correctly you must see "USB Serial Converter" in Device Manager


Download and install Q Light Controller from


Run Q Light Controller and in Manager>Outputs Setup choose "Enttec DMX USB Output"




Click OK and you are ready.




Thank you John !!!





You can find this in our eBay shop.





Thursday, 12 January 2012 07:40

PC_Dimmer DMX

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Connect DMX adapter to PC.


If Windows ask for drivers download and install from here:


If drivers are installed correctly you must see "USB Serial Converter" in Device Manager


Download and install PC Dimmer from


Run PC Dimmer and in Settings>Advanced settings and choose "Enttec openDMX"


Click OK , close PC dimmer and run again.


You can find this in our eBay shop.





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Welcome to KMtronic

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Welcome to KMtronic. Here you will find useful information on all kinds of hardware and software associated questions and topics. 


Step by step instructions on how to install, connect, and control a whole spectrum of computer related devices.


News: WEB, Internet , Ethernet controlled relay board: Arduino compatible, RS485, USB


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Wednesday, 11 January 2012 10:41

KMtronic customers projects

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 DIY USB remote shutter release for Nikon D5000 DSLR






"Just a quick email to say thanks very much for your help I used the relays and it worked perfect, the board is working great and I have just received another from you to add to my project. I am using the board to make Christmas lights go to music and here is is the final result, I thought it could be something you might want to use on your site to show one of the possible uses."




We use your USB relays in our product.

We designed a sound level measuring system in combination with labview software.

When a sound level limit is exceeded, the KMtronic USB relay is energised which turns on a signaling device.


Greeting from The Netherland

Walter Hennissen



RelayBoard App/Plugin for Centrafuse



Arduino and KMtronic RS485 relay board

Forum post





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Wednesday, 11 January 2012 10:31

Arduino DINo projects

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UIPEthernet Arduino Ethernet library for ENC28J60

Install UIPEthernet Arduino Ethernet library










KMTronic DINo Internet Ethernet Relay IO board (Arduino compatible)


KMTronic DINo Internet Ethernet Relay IO board - PING example


KMTronic DINo Internet Ethernet Relay IO board - UDP example


KMTronic DINo Internet Ethernet Relay IO board - UDP to RS485 example


KMTronic DINo Internet Ethernet Relay IO board - UDP to RS485 Relays example


KMTronic DINo Internet Ethernet Relay IO board - Web Server example


KMTronic DINo Internet Ethernet Relay IO board - Web Server example Android Tablet PC


Souliss Home Automation: KMTronic DINo



Wireshark network protocol loger analyzer


Watch data flow through serial ports with Serial Watcher



Base 64 encoder


Understanding the UDP Protocol



How to upload HEX files directly to Arduino


Quick way to check is ENC28J60 Ethernet shield is present


Connecting a relay to Arduino


Arduino network power switch

















Wednesday, 11 January 2012 09:32

Change USB relay COMport number

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Connect USB relay (or FTDI device), after drivers installation go to Device Manager


Open USB Serial Port (in example COM15) Properties


Click on Port Settings > Advanced...


Change in COM Port Number in example from COM15 to COM3 and click OK


Now any time when this USB relay is connected to this PC will use COM3




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