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DINo Internet Ethernet IO board - PING example


DINo Internet/Ethernet Relay I/O board


PING example



All in tree steps for beginners


Close Arduino IDE software!

(1) Download and unzip in your Arduino libraries folder "ENC28J60 EtherShield Library"s




(2) Connect board to USB, Run Arduino and open "EtherShield_webserver" example, modify if necessary MAC and IP address and upload to board



(3) Connect to your Router or PC Network Card and check for PING




Now time for fun and guaranty some sleepless nights!

No PING received?

Don't worry, we spend a lot of time to test many examples, so will help you.

When you sure that hardware works is time you to build your "Hello Word" project and learn step by step.

MINIMUM code for PING reply

          #include "EtherShield.h"

static uint8_t mymac[6] = {0xCF,0x70,0x7C,0xE4,0x8A,0xB8};
static uint8_t myip[4] = {192,168,1,25};

#define BUFFER_SIZE 550
static uint8_t buf[BUFFER_SIZE+1];

EtherShield es=EtherShield();

void setup(){

void loop(){
uint16_t plen,dat_p;

(BUFFER_SIZE, buf));









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